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Adult Attention Deficit  Disorder (ADD) medications are money-makers for pharmaceutical businesses. These names will bring in business.

All the same goes for Adult Attention Deficit Hyperative Disorder (ADHD) medications.

When injections for AIDS/HIV prevention are available, there will be much interest. Sell these names now to those companies trying to sell and/or produce the products.
Medical research in universities as well as within pharmaceutical companies needs these names to gain interested clinical trial participants.

Gambling is the next alcoholism. Pharmaceutical businesses are looking into this area.

Simply how to quit smoking.
And/or "Add this to your water bottle as it has nicotine and maybe caffeine in it."

Cigarettes never go away.
Electronic or otherwise nicotine-free, this is the appropriate
website name for one
manufacturer or for a
related-products listing.
Birth control options include gel form. This name is worth money to a pharmaceutical manufacturer.

Men need to be responsible for birth control! Pharmaceutical companies are surely aware of that movement and are planning ahead. They can compete for these names.

And women want control  of non-pharmaceutical
birth control.
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